Our Miscarriages

I’ve been postponing this post for a long time and I’ve been trying to forget the situations that we have been through. Reading other blog posts on this subject helped me realise that it’s time to tell our story. It also helped me realised just how unbelievably lucky we are compared to other poor souls.

Yes, we have had multiple miscarriages. This is our story.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Our Miscarriages

Crazy Demands of a Two Year Old

Here’s a selection of the demands I get to hear – some more regularly than others. A couple are from different children or are made up (I’m sure I’ll never be asked for a horse!). Seriously though, I do get to hear the most ridiculous demands:

“Daddy I want a horse!”.

“I want to drive the car!”.

“That’s mine!” (Any object whatsoever).

“I want to watch your tablet!” (4.32AM).

“I want a rainbow!”.

“I want cake!” (All day at random times).

“I want one of those for Christmas!”

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Crazy Demands of a Two Year Old

Competition: TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Key Fob

When TrackR got in touch to tell me about their Bluetooth tracking key fob, I was delighted to get involved! Toddler E is only 2 years old and is forever picking up every object within reach and moving it to an undisclosed location, secret only to her! My thoughts swing immediately towards my keys and wallet; both of which have gone ‘missing’ just as we are attempting to leave the front door. Bad timing when you are already later than usual, after having to change a surprise ‘poo-bomb’ nappy…

Read more after the break where you can have the chance to win one of these great devices.

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Competition: TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Key Fob

Back to School! Tips for Year 1

Apart from checking to see if all the homework has been done, here’s some extra tips going into the new academic year, especially if your sprog is going into year one. Find out what to expect and the essential parental inner knowledge you might need.

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Back to School! Tips for Year 1

Friday Follow For Follow Blog Share

Great idea here, for all bloggers alike!

The Mum's Life Diaries

As bloggers, we are always looking for engagement and inspiration. And one thing I’ve learned is that we’re all a pretty supportive bunch and want the best for everyone.

So I’ve decided to run a little Follow For Follow Blog Share Day here on The Mums Life Diaries where we can all discover and support new and upcoming blogs from every niche & category.

The idea is to share and follow other blogs and in-turn, they follow you back. For example: You follow my blog, I’ll follow yours back. You share my blog, I’ll share yours. You follow me on Bloglovin, I’ll follow you on Bloglovin etc.

So Here’s what to do.

1. Follow My Blog (you’ll find the button on your screen if you’re on a mobile)

2. Leave a link to your blog in the comments on this post so I (and others) can follow you back

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Friday Follow For Follow Blog Share

Hilarious Things My 2 Year Old Says

Toddler E has only just turned 2 and is already talking like mad. She just seems to pick up any phrase she hears and either says it, or attempts to say it. Dangerous time, let me tell you!

She does seem to be a bit young to be able to say these things, but hey she’s got competition to be dealing with!

Here’s a list of things she’s saying that she has picked up from our family and friends. Does anyone else have to put up with this level of abuse?:

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Hilarious Things My 2 Year Old Says

My Sunday Photo – Prodigy Remix

Well ain’t this a fine thing? I did used to have mad hair when i was at school, but I don’t know where this resemblance has come from! Does she look like Keith to you? Haha.

I wonder what will happen if i play her the song?

My Sunday Photo – Prodigy Remix