Daddycated Blog is Born!

Hi I’m Mark!

Welcome to Daddycated, the latest personal blog about Parenting.
Whilst Parenting Blogs’ seem to be on the rise, I thought I’d start one myself as there seems to be far fewer Dads Blogs’. Since I like writing/internet/tech and am an expert(!) dad (not) it seems to be the perfect combination. Now all I need is the time to actually do the posts to the blog. I must admit, I thought I’d have more free time at first, but boy was I wrong!
Speaking of combinations, the blog name Daddycated is a Portmanteau – a mixture of the words Daddy and Dedicated. Because that’s me of course!
And a little about me, I’m an ex Data Manager for a school and also an Accredited Clinical Coder. I’m a very lucky man who is married to a dedicated wife (Wifeycated? No?) and between us we took the decision for me to go into a full time father role. A dream come true I can tell you!
I’m also blessed with two young kids: Anya, who is 4 years old, who is very sharp for her age and needs lots of stimulus. There’s also baby Evie, who is 12 weeks old right now and is an absolute little angel. She takes up most of my time, but I can promise you one thing – it’s the most rewarding job in the world and I wouldn’t miss it for anything!
I’ll be sharing all sorts of little diary posts, tips, reviews of products for the kids, and ultimately have the blog set up as a tool for parents, particularly Dads in a similar situation to me.
I’ve set up Social Media pages (links below) for Daddycated. New posts will be published simultaneously, so please remember to Subscribe/Add Friend/Follow/Add me to your circles if you would like to hear all the stories about being a parent from a full time dads perspective.
Laugh at my mistakes, be part of what I discover and pick up tips as my family and I travel through the milky sick stained road of parenthood.
I’m PR Friendly and will provide contact details for legitimate queries – just ask!
Daddycated Definition
Daddycated Definition
Daddycated Blog is Born!

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