What the Conservatives Said

What impact will the newly elected government have on families in the UK?

A brief one to ponder and remember here ladies and gentlemen, just in case you missed it. This really does affect young families and will have definitely won the blues a few votes or two.

Back in April, David Cameron decided to declare that the Conservatives are actually a ‘party of working people’ during the election manifesto launch. With this claim amongst others was the promise of 30 hours a week of free childcare for working families. That promise was specifically for three to four year olds, saving parents up to £5,000 a year.

Just another note for comparison. The Labour party actually offered 25 hours for the same category.

The Prime Minister also said that this pledge amongst his others exemplified “down to earth values” and “the expression of what is in the hearts of the majority of people in this country”.

It will remain to be seen if Mr Cameron’s “down to earth values” include keeping his word.

Speaking of words: the word on the street is they are looking at introducing these changes in 2017.

Watch this space.

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What the Conservatives Said

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