Journal Entry – Getting to Grips with Being a SAHD

So its been long enough for me to give you some insight into what it’s like being a Stay at Home Dad or what I prefer to call it; a Full Time Dad. This is the first of my ‘Journal’ posts and they will continue as and when I can.

To explain, my eldest is called Anya and she’s 4 years old. She’s in a preschool joined together with the school that she is going to go to eventually. She’s convinced that she is actually in “Big school” already and even comes home with homework on the odd occasion.

Then there’s baby Evie. She’s 14 weeks old now and is a dream to look after. The next few Journal posts will be about her and how I’ve managed looking after her during the first few weeks, whilst enduring various ‘survival scenarios’.

My wife is the one who does the grafting at work and brings in the money. That is, except when I’m pretending to be eBay’s very own ‘Del Boy’ selling off our unwanted items.

The School Run

I complete this seemily simple task every day of the academic year. Like everything I do, preparation has been key to getting it right. However, no amount of preparation is going to stop a 4 year old who has her own ideas, or even a baby who does a poo minutes before you are meant to leave the house and then during the process of the clean up, wees all over the fresh clothes she (and yourself) is wearing. Yes its true, The School Run can be hard. I’ve turned up at the school gates with vomit on my t-shirt and wee on my jeans, whilst sweating from running with the buggy and the stress of crossing the roads with two children.

While we walk to school I try to prepare Anya for learning. I go over with her what she did yesterday and who she did it with. We go over the homework we completed and any other after school learning. We normally will talk about her key Phonics, Sounds and Maths activities too. All fun while trying to teach her how to safely cross the road.
The last thing we talk about is how to take herself to the toilet properly and to remember what she is taught that day. She knows I will always ask her later. I often offer her a treat if she does these last two things. Does it work? My arse!


Journal Entry – Getting to Grips with Being a SAHD

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry – Getting to Grips with Being a SAHD

  1. Grandad Bob says:

    Oh what fun, this is just the beggining looks as if you are making good progress on this meteoric learning curve, the fun will start when Evie starts comparing things that her big sister has or does, but you have a few years to prepare for this, enjoy them today as tomorrow is not that far away !!!!

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