Why You Don’t Need a Steriliser

Well since I run a parenting blog it’s my duty to tell you these things, ya’ll.


*if you have a microwave.

Put a cap in your.... microwave?
Put a cap in your…. microwave?

Yes, not everybody knows that there are markings on the bottles caps that allow you to measure out the right amount of water and once assembled properly you can literally autoclave the thing in the microwave. Given that the Steriliser we have (unavailable on first look so equivalent found) costs RRP £59.99 – you could save yourself some precious dosh.

After cleaning, assemble the lower portion of the bottle with the teat and the screw cap inside the bottle body. Make sure the anti colic diaphragm is in place so all parts of the bottle are present. Take the cap and measure out 20ml of water from the tap. Chuck the whole lot into the half made up bottle and place the cap on the top. Whack the microwave on full power for 3 minutes and Bob’s you’re uncle – a sterile baby bottle. Multiple bottles can be sterilised at the same time and even the dummies/pacifiers that come with a plastic carry case have the same functionality. You just need to add more minutes to the microwave per bottle, as below.

1 bottle – 3 Minutes
2 bottles – 4 Minutes
3 bottles – 5 Minutes
4 bottles – 6 Minutes
5 bottles – 7 Minutes
6 bottles – 8 Minutes

Dummy cases need 25ml and three minutes cookin’ time.

Check out the photos below so you can see the measurement markings for yourself. Just so you know – the brand we chose to use is MAM. We used them with our first born and have never had any issues with any of their products, so I’d highly recommend them. On the back of the teat packaging it claims that 94% on babies accept the MAM Silk Teat. This is possibly the most important part of choosing your bottle/dummy combination so take note. The only thing is I have found it very hard to find their products, specifically in Mothercare, Tesco and Sainsburys. You can find them in Mark & Spencer’s and thankfully, you can find them on the ultimate shopping tool Amazon – Just make sure you select the right flow for the teat.

Take a look at www.mambaby.com for more.

Autoclave this.
Three minutes and 20ml water to sterilise
Why You Don’t Need a Steriliser

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