The Softplay Police Squad

With it being the summer holidays and all, I decided to take both my kids to the softplay this week. Baby E would just have a bit of a sleep and a bottle while A played in the main softplay area.

A is a very confident little lady and will make friends everywhere she goes. Pretty much everyone knows when she’s arrived at the scene!


Whilst I was giving Baby E her bottle, A came back to the table and told me that another girl had hit her upper right arm and punched her, while demonstrating a slap across the face.

I quizzed her more about it; what happened, who was it, where was it, why did it happen and comforted her. She wasn’t upset but I suspected that she maybe making some of it up (especially since she changed her story about who it was a couple of times).

I told her that she was a tough girl and that we don’t play with unkind children. When she was completely calm, I sent her back in assuring her that I was watching.

After a few minutes she came back to me and told me pretty much the same story had all happened again. As I had been watching, I knew that this time was definitely made up. Something had probably happened the first time; I just put it down to kids being kids.

Watching like a detective whilst holding, feeding and burping a baby etc isn’t easy and incidents are always a small risk.

The Facebook page for the softplay we went to has some comments from parents that appear highly immature. It appears conflict is almost inevitable!

How do you lay down the law in kids play areas? How do you deal with incidents like this?


The Softplay Police Squad

3 thoughts on “The Softplay Police Squad

  1. Terry B says:

    If my child was in the same situation as yours, I would play it down in a similar manner. Not try and make too big a deal of it, unless there was a serious injury. On the flip side though; If I was confronted by a parent, who was accusing my child of the offence, I would deal with my child accordingly. Although I had a partner once, who would defend their child regardless of right, or wrong! This never sat well with me. It showed a massive lack of respect, and gave the child a poor sense right and wrong. I’m not sure if it’s just modern society that has changed, or whether it’s an isolated ideology, but things seem to have changed since I was a kid. My mother would have given me a whack if I hit someone for any reason other than defending myself.

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  2. Siobhan says:

    It’s furstrating isn’t it? I guess spats like this are good preparation for the adult world but they are unpleasant. Kids have to learn how to behave but it takes some longer than others. In addition, there are children with certain additional needs who really find it difficult to play “nicely” and socialise with others and we need to bear this in mind before coming down hard on their parents or them. Personally, I just used to tell my kids to keep away from other children if they were causing a problem. In fact, I still say that. Walk away 🙂


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