Daddycated Lullabies

Good morning to you all!

If its not a good morning for you, maybe it’s been a hard night? Getting the kids to sleep and to stay asleep can be tough; especially if its Friday night and you’ve been looking forward to a little tipple and some adult conversation for a change.


One of our cheeky methods to get the kids to bed and asleep is using Lullabies. We bought a cheap pink portable speaker and hooked it up to an old iPod Shuffle that we’ve never really used. It’s loaded with Lullabies and we just leave it playing quietly until they fall asleep. It works a treat!

Here’s an even cheaper alternative if you, if like me, you hate hearing the same old tunes all the time. If you have a tablet or a spare phone why not use Spotify to listen to our daddycated playlist. It’s fine on Shuffle for free accounts too. Just click to link to watch your kids fall asleep to Def Leopard, Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Rage Against the Machine and many more. Just click below.

Daddycated Lullabies Playlist

See you on the next post!

Daddycated Lullabies

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