Maths Tips for 4 Year Olds

Here are some mega easy tips for teaching your four year old how to understand addition and subtraction sums. These tips came directly from ‘Foundation 2’ at my daughters school and we are using them at home to help reinforce learning and understanding.

Number Lines

First came Addition using Number Lines (up to 10):

You use these Number Lines to teach addition initially and then subtraction later. At first the kids are taught ‘jumps’ which is just a fun way of describing addition.

“How many jumps between five and six?”

“If I add two jumps to five which number do we land on?”

Ultimately you start to replace the ‘jumps’ term with ‘add’ and ‘addition’.

Then came Subtraction using Number Lines (up to 20):

This is the same as above but you stop using the term jumps. Instead you can now say subtract, subtraction and “take away”.

You can download and print number lines for free from the very useful source

Sparklebox Number Lines [download page]

A great way of showing how to take away is with the song ‘Ten Green Bottles’. Obviously a Daddycated post without a proper media link wouldn’t be right, so here’s the video that we have been using. Enjoy 😉

Maths Tips for 4 Year Olds

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