Would You Have Said That to a Mother?

Happy new year all. And in true man style I’m going to start the first post of the year with a giant ranty moan! Yeehah!

So it’s early 2016 and the weather is pretty miserable. I don’t know about you lot, but I utterly despise this time of year. The days aren’t long enough and I can’t seem to get enough stuff done. My old friend S.A.D. is in full swing which doesn’t help either. Thankfully I’ve got a lovely supportive wife that understands and helps at every opportunity (when her job isn’t in the way).

Don’t get me wrong I love to get out and about as long as I’m fully prepared for the day. Which I pretty much always am. Overkill preparation is normal here, which is probably part of the reason I was so annoyed at what the lady in the shop said to me.

Today Baby E and myself were going out for a walk to the local shops, just to get bread milk and eggs. The weather had been dull so far with the odd shower and a touch of sunshine but about 8 degrees. Baby E even saw her first rainbow today, but thankfully it wasn’t actually raining in our area at the time.

After about an hour of clear skies I decide it’s time to go to the shops. So we get ready and the moment I open the door it starts to pelt it down with heavy rain. I can’t wait any longer otherwise we will miss the school run, so I decide to drive.

As we drove, the rain turned to hail, then back to rain again. As we Parked up it all came to a halt, so we jumped out the car and made a dash for the shop door. All of which, I might add took less than a minute.

Once I had all the items we needed I went to pay for the goods. The lady behind the counter asked if I needed a bag which was helpful as I was carrying Baby E in the other hand. She then started to pull a bit of a scowl at me and said “Fancy bringing her out in this weather!”

Bearing in mind that Baby E was fully kitted up in winter gear (as I was) and was exposed to the outdoors for what I’d describe as just seconds, I really didn’t understand her point. I’ve dealt with thoughtless comments before (and posted about them) and every time I experience situations like this I seem to freeze a bit. I never really say what I want to say – which is probably a good thing (to a point) because I’d come across as far too aggressive.

“She’ll be cold to the core!” continued the shop keeper.

I’m not sure where she was getting her insight from about our exact circumstances but the pattern that seems to be emerging is that older women just cant keep their ugly mugs out of my business. Somehow something seems to qualify them to talk complete shite to me irrespective of any logic.

My final thought on the situation was that I should have told her that she wouldn’t have said that to a mother with her baby. I wonder how she would have reacted.

Anyway it was a good thing she wasn’t at Loggerheads Country Park inΒ Denbighshire on Sunday. It was much colder and we were there for hours!

I was wondering if any other dads/SAHD experience similar situations with thoughtless/nosy comments? Any mums experience this kind of thing too? Why not leave a comment?

Me and Baby E on a winter walk at Loggerheads Country Park, Denbighshire
Would You Have Said That to a Mother?

6 thoughts on “Would You Have Said That to a Mother?

  1. Julie Found says:

    Mark, people like this give commentary to a wide range of people uninvited. I have experienced similar and put it down to being that some people have no built in boundaries. All the important people in your life know you are an attentive Dad. Next time just thank them for their concern and think rude thoughts as you leave…;)

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  2. Will do Jules, Thanks! Think I need a built in data bank of comebacks for silly comments. It’s something I never thought I’d have to think about. Onwards and upwards! x


  3. babypixieandbeauty says:

    I’ve had that while taking emily to nursery in her pram, with a snowsuit on and a fleecey blanket over her and the rain cover down. I asked what they thought I should do then, keep emily off nursery because it was raining?I had no alternative method to get to nursery and Emily was warmer than I was!it’s stupid the comments people make sometimes x


    1. It really is silly isn’t it! You automatically feel inferior since they should know better – but they bloody well don’t.
      With winter rolling in, we’d better get ready for an onslaught of comments! πŸ˜‰

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      1. babypixieandbeauty says:

        Yep!I’m taking bets on how long until the first comment πŸ˜‚
        As far as I’m concerned now, I know my baby girl better than anyone and if I think she’s warm enough then she probably is. In assuming you’re the same in that we always dress our toddler in the right clothing for that weather, all kids have to go out in the rain at some point lol x


      2. Indeed I do. We’ve just been out and bought the little one a new set of matching hat and gloves. Hope it fits the required specifications hehe


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