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We all need a bit of downtime and it’s good to get a healthy balance between working, family time and ‘you time’. As a father, I have found it easier to watch Video On Demand these days rather than catch live television. I do record content on my TiVo but find it hard to watch it, and find the 2TB HD running at about 90% all the time!


I’m sure that there are plenty of people in the same boat as me here, ranging from Stay at home Dads/Mums to Professionals that slog it out; so without further a do here’s my Daddycated approved list of VOD that has kept me entertained from summer 2016 until now.

The content in this article is not for kids! (mostly).

Stranger Things


Stranger Things is unmissable. Anyone that grew up watching films through the 80’s will love it. From the Steven King-esque titles and the original synth soundtrack to the Spielberg inspired direction. The acting is fantastic: Winona Ryder at her best, David Harbour is genius and all the children are nothing short of consistently perfect! It’s a treasure trove of retro inspired spookiness that truly earns it status as an instant classic.

Fans will be pleased to know that series 2 has begun filming already. Hurrah!



All 4

I completely missed this when it was on TV. Glad to say it is binge-watch worthy! I think I was worried about its quality, knowing that people acting as androids can be just pain rubbish. Happily this wasn’t the case – in fact this is the best representation of artificial humans I’ve seen on television.

The whole first series is available for streaming on All 4 (previously 4OD) and the new series is on now, shows being added every week.




Bloodline is a modern classic, panning out more like a book than most TV series. There is a lot of character development in the first series, which may be a problem for some people. This only amplifies the intense drama and suspense which builds all the way through. Stick with this one and you won’t regret it.


Black Mirror


New series published to Netflix this time rather than Channel 4. Charlie Brooker is a genius and Black Mirror is genius too. If you don’t watch this you are seriously missing out. I’ve only just started watching the new series, but haven’t been disappointed with what I have seen so far. Highly recommended.


Other Netflix Recommendations:

Breaking Bad




Peaky Blinders

The Returned (French Original series)

Better Call Saul

Peppa Pig (I could not do an entertainment article without mentioning this little treat could I?!)

I can’t really finish this post without mentioning how good the first (standalone) series of True Detective was. I didn’t watch it recently, but it is so close to exactly the kind of thing i like (Dark/Moody/Gritty/Raw). Complete with perfect narrative, acting, music and cinematography this ‘who dunnit?’ series produces tension of a unique class.

True Detective is available on Now TV and Google Play Store amongst others.

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Daddycated Entertainment – Good Shows to Watch Online

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