Changing Times for Dads

You know the score. It’s time to take the little one to the changing room, or its going to result in an explosive situation. You look down at your ‘mini me’ and you can see they are getting uncomfortable. The thing is you’re out in the middle of town, so you head to the nearest shop/cafe/place you can think of to get baby sorted; except you can’t. Why? No male baby changing facility.

It’s more common than you might think. When you find yourself in this situation you really feel astonished that it’s actually happening. Phrases like “in this day and age?” and “remind me what year is this?!” suddenly spring to mind.


All too often I have delayed solving the problem until we get home or had to strategically time visits with what I reckon will synchronise with Toddler Es digestive cycle (the polite way of saying it!). I’ve had to change her in the car a number of times, which is less than ideal. Also on a pub booth seating area and in on the floor at function room.

It’s really embarrassing to have to ask staff if there’s somewhere to go for some privacy to safely change a nappy if the facility is missing. Frankly the staff don’t like it either! It’s time for business’ to catch up with the times!

Not all places are bad and just to name a few I have found Chester Zoo, Mothercare (the background on the featured picture for this post), Sainsbury’s, Asda, Village Hotels, Costa and Starbucks all either having male or unisex baby changing facilities.

In the USA as a parting farewell gesture, President Obama made it law that all public male facilities must have baby changing facilities. That voice of change hasn’t reached the UK yet, but we can still help make a difference.

The annual Sudocrem Care & Protect Baby Changing Room Awards has just launched and this year they are specifically focusing on dads.

Sudocrem have teamed up with The Dad Network for the category ‘Best Dads Toilet’. Other categories include Best Retailer, Best restaurant / Café and Best Family Hotel / Holiday Park.

If you feel you know an establishment that deserves recognition for their Male changing facilities, you can take part in this campaign by submitting a photo, location and the reason for your nomination to or by emailing the above particulars to

Closing date 31st January 2017

Winners announced 28th February 2017.

Prize: An amazing short break to Knoll House in Dorset (the original family orientated Hotel).

Good Luck! #DadsForChange

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Changing Times for Dads

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