Educating Your Kids Starts At Home

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you haven’t been praying enough to the parenting gods. You work hard, you try your best to inspire and guide your kids towards a bright future that they can control, but at time it can feel like nothing is going right.


Do you want to make an impact with your kids education? Do you want to make learning easier and help them develop a more confident approach in school? Do you want to help develop good attention and listening skills? There’s an answer and it’s not easy, but it’s time to take the bull by the horns.

I noticed a publication in the Times Educational Supplement that might interest some of my readers. OK, it might be aimed at a slightly older audience given the age of my kids, but i’m thinking about this one from a preemptive perspective; one that helps deals with issues before they possibly arise.

It’s all about raising kids and preparing them to learn. You know, so they can do stuff themselves and reap the benefits. I’ve always believed that kids need full support from a balanced point of view in every situation, be it at school or home. Β Discipline and mutual respect are so important, along with hard work and reward. There’s a lot of responsibility in raising a family for sure!

When teaching my kids things at home, regardless of subject or content, I try and present the material in a fashion that is within their train of thought at that time. I show them how to reference information and produce a piece of work progressively from there. Fingers crossed, if I do it this way continually, they’ll have a go at it themselves and ask less questions of a similar type moving forwards.

“I Can do this!”

Passing down this kind of knowledge is valuable. I think it also helps build good relationships in families. The process should highlight parents as proper role models while setting a good example. You care, and so should they! Progress, whoop!

Anyway, the link to the article is just below. See what you think, and maybe leave a comment here. Do you agree with what they are saying? Do you know some schools have rolled out a grading system for parents and their homework? Too much finger pointing? Let us know!

Just remember to read the whole thing, and you at the back, tuck your shirt in you little cretin!

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Educating Your Kids Starts At Home

4 thoughts on “Educating Your Kids Starts At Home

  1. I hear this, I also hear what the article is saying. However…. There’s no mention of the fact that the education system caters for only one type of learner. That is a problem that can be fixed more easily than trying to get all parents to buy in to the education system and get their child/children prepared for the one size fits all education they’re about to receive. Especially when some children are not built to learn academically. Some children are more practical learners, in which case no amount of preparation at home, or extra learning sessions after school (Which cuts into family time) will help them get better grades. Instead of extra sessions and homework why not update the 150 year old education system to incorporate new ways to engage children better. Both time and money would be best put into that.

    Good read, I’m glad you’ve grasped that learning starts at home, that’s a huge error some parents make. There are some that drop their kids off at school and pick them up and that’s it, those people won’t change, unfortunately.

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    1. Thanks for the comment David. You helped me remember my time in school better and actually, I agree!
      I’ve always thought I learn better in different situations (visually and practically) but I guess I had to learn to become a ‘theoretical learner’ in the end.
      In the school I used to work in there was an unbelievable amount of support for different types of learners, but there was a higher degree of care involved too. I guess it depends on the school, but I think this trend might well be on the rise.
      It’s also very interesting to compare the education systems set up in different country’s that have a record of higher attainment…. But that’s another story!

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      1. I’m in a fortunate position in that, I have 2 daughters currently in secondary school, an expeditionary school that is leading the way in our area for forward thinking education. My girls are also polar opposites, one being academically brilliant, the other being very much a practical learner. I also Home Educate my son, so I’m seeing almost every angle of education. Things are changing slightly within the education system, but nowhere near fast enough and definitely not quick enough to effect my children and their time left in education. Maybe the next generation? Ha. Other countries such as Finland are thinking way outside the box and doing things very differently and getting the rewards for it. I love a quote I once read, ‘If children don’t learn the way you teach, maybe you should teach the way they learn’.

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