The One with the Conjunctivitis

The trouble is, that you are almost guaranteed to get Conjunctivitis if you are fairly new to this world. This is something that not a single soul will tell you, so here’s a short warning on what it is, how to recognise it, what to do and how to deal with it effectively.


Oh noes! There’s snot in my eye!

So, I’d suggest that the best time to notice Conjunctivitis is first thing in the morning. The poor little blighters will wake up, possibly with inflammation around the upper and maybe the lower eyelids and thick pus that will seep from the eye(s). This lovely gunk is the result of a bacterial infection that is very highly contagious, so you might get it too (as I did!). This infection makes the conjunctiva (layer at the front of the eye) become inflamed and causes redness. This is basically what the doctor will look for when you eventually get an appointment.

Red around Right eye, plus thick gunge!

As I said before it’s a bacterial infection, so you only need a bunch of antibiotics to rapidly cure the condition. They come in in the form of Chloramphenicol Eye drops (usually).

Read the dosage on the instructions and (V. Important!) stick to the advice until the end of the course. If you don’t complete the course, there might be a risk of relapse.

Other pointers would be to set up reminders on your phone when it’s time to use the drops. Also, keep wipes or tissues on you at all times to wipe away any of that pesky pus. Try keeping up some ultra hand hygiene, and that goes for everyone in the house. Oh and don’t share towels/flannels etc.

The fun part is finding out how agreeable your offspring is to having drops out in his/her eyes. There can be a slight discomfort/sting at first so don’t expect it to be entirely easy!

Happy eye dropping!

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The One with the Conjunctivitis

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