New Parents Guide to Changing a Nappy

Here at Daddycated, we don’t like to lose sight of the essential basics that many other people may overlook. After all, where else do you  need to look, other than your friendly neighbourhood Dad Blog? And thus without further a do do…

*WARNING* – May Contain Spoilers for Expectant Parents!


A New Parents Guide to Changing a Nappy/Diaper

When I first became a Dad I was a little nervous about doing all the new things that came with the responsibility of being a father. Changing a nappy was one of those things that I didn’t want to have to ask how to do, or even do it wrong.

Look, I’m not gonna lie to you – It’s a messy job. I had been wondering if it was different for little boys and girls, but what I’ve read from other blogs leads me to believe it’s just as bad for both!

Anyway since ‘Shit Happens’, here’s our cheeky guide to changing a nappy specifically tailored towards new or expectant parents:

  1. Recognise the signs of impending doom. A change in expression, a reddening face, sounds of straining. The smell of fear spreading rapidly  through the house, like an out of control shit-train heading straight towards Olfactory Central Station.
  2. Mentally prepare yourself – you are going to come into contact with another persons crap (just like being in work really?). That person may do their best to spread that turd as far and wide as possible. Stop that baby before it happens!
  3. Make sure you are armed to the teeth with all the equipment/supplies you require: [Essentials] Nappy, Wipes (take Three out in prep.), Nappy Bag (for the cover up!). [Suggestions] Bum cream (we prefer Metanium or the Newer Sudocrem Care & Protect), New babys should have a changing mat. [Alternatives] Open the windows and execute plan ‘Fresh Air’ with a little spray of air freshener!
  4. Put that phone down and stop checking Facebook!
  5. Find the ideal place to safely changing babys bum. Basically – the floor!
  6. Make sure everything is within reach. You don’t want skid marks across the carpet when reaching for that pack of wipes!
  7. Develop the perfect foot grip (holding both baby feet together with one hand). They might struggle to break free, so to help stop them doing so (and to stop you having to grip too hard) try and distract them.
  8. Give them a toy to play with. Talk to them about whats happening or try singing a song they are familiar with. Use repetitive phrases, so they learn what to expect during a nappy change. Praise them if they get any of it right and try to maintain eye contact when communicating.
  9. Once all cleaned up (front to back) it’s a good time to play or for tickles! My two liked to have a little baby massage whilst their skin dries off a bit.
  10. Stick on a new nappy (on the baby!). Get rid of all the rubbish and get those hands alco-gelled, or better still washed. Distribute hive fives accordingly.

*Pro Tip*: If your baby is absolutely brand new and has a healing belly button/umbilical area, fold the nappy top down to allow air to circulate properly so it dries out and has less chance of infection.


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New Parents Guide to Changing a Nappy

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