Daddycated is a blog I decided to produce after making the decision to go into full time parenting.

My name is Mark and I live on Wirral with my gorgeous wife Vikkie and my beautiful girls Anya (4 year old) and Evie (13 Weeks old) [At time of going to press of course]. I’m from Leeds originally and we settled here when we met at university.

Since I became a Dad I really felt like I had become something much more important. It’s been such a leap forward into being a responsible adult that I’m a totally changed person. I know that since that revelation I’ve become quite good at what I do and I’m eager to keep learning and engage more into the hard working world of parenting.  It’s only right that I share to the rest of the world what we do and how we do it.

Me and my girls.
Me and my girls.

Its fair to say that I don’t totally know what I’m doing in terms of the blog itself. I’m certainly learning on the go. I do have another blog but I ran the entire thing from my mobile phone. Any advice or even a friendly nod is always a positive thing so please give me a shout. Take a look at the ‘Ways To Follow’ or the ‘Contact Us’ page to do s just that.


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