Hilarious Things My 2 Year Old Says

Toddler E has only just turned 2 and is already talking like mad. She just seems to pick up any phrase she hears and either says it, or attempts to say it. Dangerous time, let me tell you!

She does seem to be a bit young to be able to say these things, but hey she’s got competition to be dealing with!

Here’s a list of things she’s saying that she has picked up from our family and friends. Does anyone else have to put up with this level of abuse?:

1) ‘Cor Blimey!’

2) ‘No Way!’

3) ‘It’s not fair!’

4) ‘Daddy, ice-cream please. Daddy, ice-cream please. Daddy…’

5) ‘Daddy, my music on please’

6) ‘Silly Daddy!’

7) ‘Stop it, [Mummy/Daddy/Etc]

8) ‘That’s my toy!’

9) ‘No poo, just trumps!’

10) ‘Daddy! My tummy! Chik-n-pocs!’

11) ‘Daddy, I need the towel’ (when I’m washing her hair in the bath)

12) ‘I don’t believe it!’ (a Victor Meldrew in the making!)

13) ‘Disgusting!’ (When she smells the contents of her nappy).

14) ‘Be quiet!’ (Said to two gabbing old ladies in Sainsburys!)

15) ‘I need my toothbrush and toothpaste, please.’ (what a little madam!)

16) On Mummy’s way out the door to work: “Mummy, have you got your phone?” She also asks if she has her wallet and keys! She tries to ask what time will mummy be home, but can’t quite grasp that one yet.

Among other things, she has also started singing a version of Jingle bells that she has learnt from her older sister. She only really does it when she’s about to go to sleep in her bed. We’ll turn the baby monitor on and she will be belting out her favourite number at the top of her voice “Jingum Bells, Jingum Bells der derr…      …all the way!” over and over and over and over, like a monkey with a miniature symbol!

I guess all these words and phrases are really a turning point in her speech development, but one thing’s for sure; it ain’t going to be quiet in this house for a very, very, very long time!

If you are worried about your toddlers speech development, then check out this Content from Parents.com.

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Hilarious Things My 2 Year Old Says

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